Regardless of its purpose, the success of any web project depends on the advanced digital solutions which fully meet the growing needs of today's Internet users. Their development includes various types of tools and methods, each of which facilitate the implementation of a comprehensive marketing strategy, custom tailored for each client and their needs. The skills and knowledge of our dedicated team is a guarantee of your success.

The achievement of our goals and objectives is carried out in the following order:


To successfully implement any project in the field of digital solutions, you need to define your ultimate goal and to set appropriate time frames. This is not possible without a complete and accurately detailed Technical Specification - a document which will allow the customer to understand what he wants, and for the executor to understand the customer. A Technical Specification contains:

General customer information

General project information (type, theme)

Requirements for the structure, functionality, design, and content

Necessity for a pre-market research and further advancement

Operational schedule


Written content - is not only an essential element for the promotion and optimisation of the website, but is also your primary method of communicating with your clients. Only high quality texts help to realise the goals set by the creators and owners of the site, whether it is an information portal or an online shop.

Articles for blogs and entertainment portals

Product descriptions for online shops

Informational texts

Promotional materials

Press releases, rewrites, naming


A landing page is an efficient tool for a quick start and a rapid growth of any business online. A landing page will enable the clients to find the most important information about your business proposal, presented in a way which entices them to buy a product, request a service or share their contacts.

Analysis of the market and target audience

Layout creation and design development

Page proofs and software development

Content writing

Testing and launch


Custom web design enables your website to be viewed on a variety of mobile devices, which can be used to browse the Internet. One of today's main indicators of business quality and effectiveness, is its website's compatibility with tablets, smartphones, netbooks, etc, in order to achieve greater coverage of the target audience and to not miss out on visitors who are actively using the Internet "on the go".

Optimisation of site content

Design development for mobile devices

Creation of a flexible layout

Work with media inquiries

Improvement of resource functionality


An effective IT-infrastructure greatly facilitates the smooth running of the business' activities, increases profits and reduces costs. We offer comprehensive IT-solutions for the automation of various business processes. With our help, IT costs are transformed into profits, fast decision making and comfortable communication.

Selection of optimal IT-solutions tailored to your business

Software Installation, adjustment and adaptation

Staff training


Technical and informational services


Having a beautifully designed website is not enough, it must be user friendly and effective. SEO and Web Marketing are a set of tools, methods and approaches for optimisation and website promotion, which attract visitors to the site and turn them into loyal long-term customers, buyers or service users.

Resource analysis, bug fixes

Site optimisation


Site support

Contextual Advertising


Mobile applications are a convenient way to communicate with your target audience and can be used as a powerful marketing tool. We focus on companies that want to give their potential customers the best mobile product, therefore, we carefully plan every stage of the application development process for smartphones, tablets and other devices.

Unique interfaces for effective interaction with partners and clients

New services and transfer of existing services to mobile platforms

Applications for mobile commerce and trade

Social networking applications

Online order placement


Video advertising and computer animation are highly effective ways to promote products and services. Both mediums provide a distinctive and interesting way of presenting a company or its products, and attract a wide range of customers, regardless of their age and status. With video and animation, even the most unusual ideas can be brought to life, and be received easily and positively.


Brand name recognition

Photography, animation and explainer videos

Photography, animation and explainer videos

Sound recording, dubbing and subtitles


Quality translation is necessary to create strong partnerships, formal or personal, with people from all over the world. We remove all language barriers and restrictions between you and your clients, and provide professional assistance to business representatives on every continent. With our help, you will be able to understand and be understood with ease.

Interpretation, translation, editing

Simultaneous interpretation of telephone conversations

Document legalisation, apostille

Website localisation, page proofs and printing

Dubbing of audio and video